Partner WOD

Labor Day WOD (9-7-15)

(Partner WOD For Time)

100 – Wall Balls (20# / 14#)

100 – Jump Squats

100 – Hand Release Push-ups

100 – AbMat Sit-ups

100 – Pull-ups

*One partner must be doing a 200 meter run at all times.  So as one partner is chopping away at the reps the other is running the 200 meters and then you switch and pick up where your partner left off while they run*

WOD (7-10-14)

(Partner WOD)

(10 Rounds)

Station 1:

Partner A performs 10 – Deadlifts (185# / 125#)


45 – Yard (50#) Sandbag Run / Carry to station 2 and hands off to Partner B.


Station 2:

Partner B performs Burpees as soon as Partner A touches the bar to start the deadlifts and doesn’t stop until they are handed the sandbag from Partner B.


Partner B will run / carry the (50#) sandbag 15 yards to station 1.  Now the two partners will switch roles and Partner B will do station 1 while Partner A does station 2.


*Repeat this process for 10 rounds*

*One round = both partners completing both stations*

WOD (5-30-14)

*Partner WOD*

Station 1:

Partner A:  100 – DU’s or 200 – SU’s

Partner B:  100 – Mt. Climbers

(switch when each is completed)

Station 2:

Partner A:  100(Rx) or 50(scaled) – Deadlifts (135# / 95#)

Partner B:  Bar Hang or Ring Row Hold

(one partner hangs on the bar for as long as the other partner is doing deadlifts) (switch after deadlifts are complete or broken up)

Station 3:

Partner A:  100(Rx) or 50(scaled) – Sandbag Shoulder to Overhead (50# / 25#)

Partner B:  Flutter Kicks

(one partner does flutter kicks for as long as the other partner is doing S2OH) (switch after S2OH are complete or broken up)

Station 4:

Partner A:  25 – Tire Flips

Partner B:  Jumping Jacks

(one partner does jumping jacks for as long as the other partner is doing tire flips) (switch after tire flips are complete or broken up)