Labor Day WOD (9-1-14)

(Individual + Team workout)

Buy In:

(5 min. Max Reps)

Team Sandbag Squats (50#)


(2 min. Max Reps per station) x 2

S1:  AbMat Sit-ups

(:30 rest)

S2:   Power Snatches (75# / 45#)

(:30 rest)

S3:  DU’s or SU’s (double unders count as 2 points)

(:30 rest)

S4:  Tire Flips

(:30 rest)

S5:  Wall Balls (20# / 14#)

(:30 rest)

*Individuals will be grouped into teams.  Each person will be counting their reps for each station and then the teams will combine each persons score for a team total at the end.  There will be an individual score and team score for the first time through all the stations and then each person and team will try and beat their scores the second time through.  Add the max reps from the buy in to the final team score.*

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