CrossFit fakes in Berks County!!!

ATTN. BERKS COUNTY…….Don’t be fooled by these gyms and trainers out here saying that they offer CrossFit!!!! If you go to one of these persons or places, ask to see a certification (it should already be up on the wall)!!! If they can’t provide one, then for your own benefit and safety, stay away from it!!!!!! They were not properly taught how to teach you the movements that are incorporated in a CrossFit workout!!!! Just because you have tires, gymnastics rings and equipment that says Rogue or Dynamax that DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CROSSFIT!!!! Here is a link to the CrossFit trainer’s directory ( If you have one of these fake trainers, type there name in the directory and see if it comes up. If not then they are not certified!!! Here is a link to the CrossFit affiliates page (!!! If your gym does not appear on this map then it is NOT A CROSSFIT GYM!!!

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