Snow Shoveling Tip To Save Your Back!!!

Being that we just got POUNDED with like 2 feet of snow I felt it was only right to give you all a quick tip on shoveling snow to save your lower back.  When you get the snow on the shovel and you start to lift it DON’T have your legs straight and raise your upper body up first.  This will give you that rounded or (cat like) back position which is a recipe for disaster!!!  Instead you want to push your hips and butt back like you are about to sit in a chair, bring your shoulders back and push your chest out.  This should give you a nice straight back while maintaining the lumbar curve and the weight is now being placed on your hamstrings and butt instead of your lower back.  Then when you go to throw it on that monster pile you have already created, you will want to thrust your hips forward as you stand and throw.  That one’s kind of tricky but that hip pop will give you more power and momentum and make it easier to throw it.  You will still feel it in your lower back when you are done shoveling but I think after moving 2 feet of snow you are going to feel it everywhere 😉  I hope this helps you out!!  Stay safe and lift right!!Image

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